2017 App Factory application developers announced!

We are pleased to announce the funding of 5 new assistive technology apps slated for development and release 2017 as part of our App Factory development project.  

We received a high number of very competitive proposals this year as part of our funding competition, which made selection difficult.  After careful consideration, these 5 were selected for funding:

  • Arts Access International, LLC will be developing an iOS app that will provide real time audio description and assistive listening for local venues, museum exhibits and other public art installations.
  • BlueSky Design's Pow!r Mount Plus app will expand the existing Pow!r Mount app's capabilities beyond solely moving the Pow!r mount, to device control and the operation of other things in the environment. People will be able to control lights, plugged in devices, video monitors, fans and shades. 
  • IDEAL Group will developing an Android app called IDEAL Communicator that will allow people with and without hearing loss to communicate with each other, anywhere at any time, so long as the individual with hearing loss can read and understand real-time text messages in any one of 42 languages.
  • TummyTime Fun will be developing an app that promotes development of posture control for children with disabilities.
  • Shepherd Center will be developing an app called Reminders for the Home for Android Wear smartwatches that functions as a cognitive aid to assist people with traumatic brain injury (TBI) to manage memory problems. It will work with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons to enable users to receive location based as well as context-dependent reminders within the home.

These new apps will provide solutions to a range of challenges that users with physical, sensory and cognitive impairments face. 

We can't wait to share these new apps with you once they're released next year!

The LiveWell RERC's App Factory project has funded over 8 assistive app development projects over the past 2 years through an annual call for proposals.