This project is composed of two complementary efforts to: 1) develop discrete solutions using available hardware platforms, and 2) develop assistive and accessible mobile Apps for mainstream ICT devices associated with emerging interfaces and platforms. These projects are designed to rapidly respond to user-defined problems of ICT access with solutions to meet their needs and opportunities for independent living. The initial focus will be on wearable technology, with flexibility to respond to new interfaces and platforms that emerge over the 5 years of the funding cycle. In order to begin work immediately, several launch projects based on input and suggestions from our consumer advisory panel have been proposed for the first year.

2019 App Factory RFP

The LiveWell RERC's 2019 App Factory Request For Proposals (RFP) has been announced. Each year we help fund 4-5 qualified software and hardware developers in developing and releasing their proposals for assistive and accessibility apps.

Interested developers are encouraged to view our submission guidelines.

Current Apps

Current Technology

Project Team

  • Kevin Caves, Duke University

  • Tracey Wallace, Shepherd Center

  • John Morris, Shepherd Center

  • Leighanne Davis, Duke University

  • John Anschutz, Shepherd Center

  • Ben Lippincott, Shepherd Center