App Description

Tummy Time Fun is available on the iOS App Store:

Tummy Time Fun (TTF) is an iOS app that can be used to encourage children to spend more time in the prone position, improving postural control. During tummy-time sessions, a baby/child wears a small, lightweight electronic sensor between the shoulder blades, which measures the angle of the upper body relative to a horizontal, prone position. This sensor communicates wirelessly with the TTF app that is installed on a smartphone or tablet. When the child pushes up from prone so that the angle of his or her upper body is above a preset threshold level, the app activates music or video to motivate the child to remain in that position. For video feedback, the smartphone or tablet can be placed directly in front of the baby to be in the line of sight when he or she pushes up from prone.

This website contains more information, including an instructional video:


  • iOS

Development Team

  • Richard Goldberg

  • Beth Leiro

  • Heidi Jo Hetland