Smart glasses for the hard of hearing are changing theater in London

When my Aunt Nicki visits me in London, we avoid musical theater and the cinema.

Aunt Nicki is hard of hearing. Although there are many enhanced listening devices available to help her, such as an Assistive Living amplifier or a closed captioning screen that sits in a cup holder, she tells me they don't work well enough.

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Intel unveils smart glasses that you might want to wear

Intel has launched an impressively light, regular-looking set of smart glasses called Vaunt, confirming rumors from Bloomberg and others. Seen by The Verge, they have plastic frames and weigh under 50 grams, a bit more than regular eyeglasses but much less than Google Glass, for example. The electronics are crammed into the stems and control a very low-powered, class one laser that shines a red, monochrome 400 x 150 pixel image into your eye. Critically, the glasses contain no camera, eliminating the "big brother" vibe from Glass and other smart glasses.

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Preparing your organization for AR, VR and other emerging technologies

We are moving toward a digitally-enabled world, where the lines between real and digital are blurring. As the digital world becomes an increasingly detailed reflection of the physical world, it creates fertile ground for new business models and ecosystems.

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