Non-Profit Organization Limbitless Solutions Promoting Innovative Solutions for People with Limited Mobility

Limbitless Solutions, a non-profit organization developed with the intention of “building a generation of innovators who use their skills and passion to improve the world around them”, is doing just that through their work with bionic arms and development of other assistive technologies. The organization is a direct support organization of University of Central Florida that was started in 2014. Within just four years, their solutions have already reached 179 countries.  

Though Limbitless Solutions was initially founded to develop an affordable and functional 3D-printed bionic arm for children, the organization has expanded its focus to four main projects. The first product, the company’s initial project, is the 3D-printed bionic arms. Limbitless Solutions believes no family member should have to pay for a child to have a prosthetic arm and has worked to develop a bionic arm that can be given to its clients for no cost. The arm is controlled by EMG sensors, sensors that detect different electric signals due when certain muscles are flexed. One important aspect of the arm is the personalization that goes into the design of each prosthetic arm. Limbitless Solutions believes in promoting creativity and expression of oneself, therefore, with each bionic arm given to a client, they personalize it as the client wishes. The second project, Project Xavier, is focused on the development of a wheelchair that is controlled by EMG technology.  Users of the specialized wheelchair wear sensors on their temporalis muscles on their head. By performing certain jaw-clenches, the wheelchair can be completely controlled without any hand or foot control. Limbitless Solutions’ third project is centered around improving the video game experience for people with part of an arm or no arm at all. Though not yet released to the public, the company has developed three video games and a controller that utilizes the same EMG technology used in the Bionic Arm project and Project Xavier. Users can use different patterns of muscle flexing to play the video games using the EMG band pictured to the right.  The fourth project of Limbitless Solutions is the development of “The Bionic Kid” comic book. A young client of Limbitless Solutions who received a bionic arm has designed a comic book story with his brother to empower other kids who are also missing limbs. Limbitless Solutions’ artists and University of Central Florida artists are working with the client, Zach, to make the comic book an official series. 

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