Trends Disrupting Healthcare As We Know It

The one constant in many industries today is change, thanks to the unabated infiltration of advanced technologies. The healthcare industry is no different. The image of the doctor taking notes after examining a patient and filing information in folders is giving way to the doctor entering data into a handheld device which will communicate with a central online database containing patient information.

Global market intelligence solutions provider Infiniti Research has completed a whitepaper discussing what they see as the five major technology trends disrupting the healthcare industry. According to the firm, the healthcare industry has faced many scientific breakthroughs, and believes that more effort needs to be put to devise new technologies in the healthcare sector. Digital disruptions in the healthcare sector not only means technological evolutions but includes many other factors across the healthcare ecosystem.

According to Infiniti, more advanced patient monitoring devices will become available for consumers, enabling healthcare sector players to gather real-time data.

Infiniti identifies these trends as:

  • Smart Technology: Predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and conversational artificial intelligence are responsible for disruptions in the healthcare industry and are introduced to reduce hospital administrators tedious work and enable smooth functioning.
  • The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT): This is the incorporation of applications and medical devices that are connected to healthcare IT systems using networking technologies that enable the transfer of medical information over secure networks.
  • Telehealth: A combination of mobile technology, document sharing, and teleconferencing to improve healthcare quality providing better healthcare access is known as telehealth services. The telemedicine technology is rapidly making its way into the ICU.

Source: Spencer Chin, Medical Design Technology