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SpeakUp: An SPL Meter is available on Google Play:

SpeakUp: An SPL Meter, is an app developed for Android operating systems. SpeakUp is designed for people that need assistance modulating or increasing their speaking volume. The target use population are pediatric patients that have difficulty modulating the volume of their voice and children who have difficulty using a loud voice. The adjustable nature of the application allows it to be used with adults, most notably those with Parkinson’s disease. 

In conjunction with other therapy techniques, Speech Pathologists may use a Sound Pressure Level (SPL) meter to provide feedback on how loudly a patient is talking. Clinicians found that these devices are not engaging to patients, especially children. Not only does SpeakUp increase user engagement, but it also allows for the patients to continue therapy at home. 

Beta testing showed that the app was able to provide a valuable experience to a therapy session. Used with a pediatric patient that was unable to understand the concept of loudness, the clinician noted that seeing how sound was visually represented on the screen allowed the patient to speak significantly more intelligibility. The color zones and imagery allowed the patient to speak more loudly.

Watch the video for a full demonstration of the app in action.


Development Team:

  • Leighanne Davis
  • Kevin Caves

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