Research Note - Volume 2019, Number 01, March 15, 2019

Survey on Clinician Perspectives on mRehab Interventions and Technologies

Implementing mRehab solutions for people recovering from traumatic injury or managing neurodegenerative diseases and other conditions requires informed engagement by rehabilitation clinicians. The Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center for Community Living, Health and Function (LiveWell RERC) conducted a survey of rehabilitation clinicians to discover and document the state of clinician knowledge, experience and needs for mRehab interventions and technologies.

This mRehab survey was conducted from January 14 to February 27, 2019 using convenience sampling methods and online data collection on the Survey Monkey web-based platform. Participants were recruited through the researchers’ personal networks at Shepherd Center, Duke University Medical Center, the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine, American Physical Therapy Association, American Occupational Therapy Association, American Speech- Hearing Association and others.

This Research Note summarizes a couple of key findings from the mRehab survey.

Research Report - Volume 2017, Number 01, March 8, 2017

Mobile Health Apps and the Needs of People with Disabilities: A National Survey

Mobile health (mHealth) technology is taking on a critical role in health care in the U.S. as maturing technologies grow increasingly capable of supporting the needs of health care providers to focus on population health instead of traditional fee‐for‐service models. Direct investment in mHealth technologies has grown substantially in recent years, as has merger and acquisition activity. Meanwhile large vendors of mainstream consumer technology (e.g., Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung) have dedicated more resources to mHealth solutions, particularly in the area of fitness and activity tracking, but also medical solutions.