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App Description

Pow!r Mount Plus is available on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mountnmover.powrmoun

The Pow!r Mount Plus app adds home control capabilities to the Pow!r Mount app, enabling people to control smart devices in their home using their phone or tablet. The original Pow!r Mount app positions and controls the Pow!r Mount,
by BlueSky Designs. Both apps can be controlled by directly touching the screen or using accessible switches plugged into the Pow!r mount’s End Cap. 

The app is currently available on the Android platform and supports devices on a Wink network.

People with mobility impairments due to ALS, MS, SMA or high level spinal cord injuries need to access and control things in their environment. The Pow!r Mount provides revolutionary freedom of independence to position and interact with equipment such as speech devices, laptops, phones, cameras, tablets, hydration and suction equipment. Including the ability to control things in their home further extends and increases their independence and self-reliance, and impacts their health, confidence and general wellbeing.

Control of devices on the Wink network provide countless possibilities. This first app release controls any device which can be turned on and off, such as outlets and lights; provides the ability to control dimmer lights with a switch; and locks and unlocks doors. 

Future developments may include the control of thermostats, video cameras and garage doors. At present, only devices listed on the Wink website are available. 

Different controls may be combined via a single action, such as unlocking the door and turning on the lights when arriving home. During the summer, a user might also turn on a fan connected to an outlet. Good night and Good morning routines may turn on or off multiple lights. Controls can also be added to groups of target positions, so a person can easily control both their Pow!r mount and things in their home.

User testing of the app showed it to be simple to control and navigate the app, either through direct touch or using a switch. 

One person, a Pow!r Mount user, moves his suction tube in position and then turns on his suction machine to remove saliva. This capability allows him to talk with his friends and family without worrying about saliva build-up while his attendant is away. In addition, his speech is clear, so people can hear him better. Because he can independently control this aspect of self-care, he is healthier, less anxious and needs less personal assistant attention during the day.


  • Android

Development Team

  • Dianne Goodwin
  • Andrew Aarestad