This effort will capitalize on results from R3 work by developing and validating network solutions employing remote monitoring and modeling-derived algorithms to influence safety and activity independence. We will utilize behavioral informatics to build a virtual coach to complement or replace the hands-on support and assistance commonly provided by a life coach or family member.

Project Team

  • Holly Jimison, Northeastern University

  • Misha Pavel, Northeastern University

  • Ron Seel, Virginia Commonwealth University

  • John Morris, Shepherd Center

  • Nicole Thompson, Shepherd Center


  • NUCoach - NUCoach is a modular health coaching and research platform built by the Health Behavior Informatics Lab at Northeastern University. Supported by DeepHealth Lab technologies, NUCoach is a powerful yet flexible tool that allows health behavior researchers to gather immense amounts of participant data in real world contexts in near real time. Through sensor integrations and experience sampling, we can not only learn more about our participants’ behaviors but be better prepared to intervene in the right context at the right time.