The rate of technology advancement is so rapid that it is difficult for professionals, manufacturers and consumers to keep abreast of new developments in related fields. Tech/Policy Watch efforts have demonstrated how critical it is to monitor cutting edge technology developments and the potential impact these may have upon policy, guidelines and standards development. 

This ongoing activity will lead efforts to 1) identify emerging cutting edge developments in ICT technologies with potential AT uses, 2) recognize mainstream scientific and technology developments that have the potential to impact technologies, policy, guidelines and standards related to ICT, and 3) proactively address emerging ICT issue areas to inform all of our other R&D efforts.

Project Team

  • Frank DeRuyter, Duke University
  • John Morris, Sheherd Center
  • Christine Gordon, Northeastern University


  • A Tech Watch blog has been created.  It can be accessed either from the LiveWell "Home" page or "Blogs & Events" pull-down menu.
  • Quick takes on new and emerging technology research, device developments, product releases and policy information relevant to the ICT community are posted with links directly to the source of the information.
  • Blog posts are archived by month and posted, as well as by category.  Each blog post is tagged to facilitate further refinement of search.