App Description

One Thing Straight, an iOS based mobile app for individuals with Parkinson’s disease (PD) is designed to help users make postural corrections throughout the day. One characteristic some people with PD display is a bent or forward flexed posture. This posture is not due to an inability to sit / stand straight, but more often associated with a decrease in postural awareness. If given visual or auditory cues, individuals can temporarily correct their posture. 

The app is aware of an individual’s posture due to a microcontroller + sensor combo worn on the user’s shirt collar. Push notifications sent to the user’s phone discretely notify the individual to correct their posture. Daily and weekly summary reports are available to help the user track their progress. This information can be shared with family, caregivers, or clinical staff for intervention and monitoring. 


  • iOS

Development Team

  • Sarah Moninger – Student
  • Jack Livingston – Past Student
  • Kevin Caves
  • Mike Revoir
  • Leighanne Davis
  • Katherine Lee, Zoe Roecker, Alex Kanaris – Past Student


  • Duke Institute of Health Innovation (DIHI) - Jack Livingston & Mike Revoir