App Description

Recovery of hand and arm function is the highest priority for individuals with tetraplegia following spinal cord injury (SCI).  Evidence suggests that therapist-delivered motor training can improve motor function in SCI, greater than spontaneous recovery alone.  In addition, it has been reported that electromyography (EMG) feedback based training increases corticomotor excitability.  However there is no independently applied and inexpensive training modality that enables the patient to continue EMG biofeedback based motor training at home between visits to the clinic.

This project aims at developing new training software platform ‘CoTrain’ that works in combination with existing portable hardware to create a device which can be taken home by patients to increase training time between visits.  It will also allow the therapist to track their patient’s progress over a period of time.

The prototype software currently runs in Matlab and has been tested so far to give a consistent similarity index score at the end of each recording.


  • Matlab
  • Thalmic LabsMyoBand
  • MS Windows laptop

Development Team

  • Somu Ray
  • Barry McKay
  • Brad Farrell