Challenge Description:

The LiveWell RERC sponsored an app development competition for middle, high school, and college students, as well as non-professional developers interested in building applications to be used within the assistive and accessibility spaces. Students were required to consult with clinical specialists and complete a quiz on basic mobile application accessibility to gain a better understanding of the clinical populations and mobile accessibility challenges.

Winners were selected from a panel of judges from various clinical backgrounds and experience levels. Judges included members from speech pathology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, seating and mobility, and nutrition. Judging was facilitated by Leighanne Davis, BS and Kevin Caves, ME, RET, ATP of the LiveWell RERC.


Francesca Monachino, OTR/L; Melissa Wertz, OTR/L; Meredith Nye, SLP-CCC; Susan Steves, RD, LDN; Dan Harrison, ATP; Robyn Wilson, DPT

Note: If you are interested in contacting one of the student teams, please email the LiveWell Development Team at for more information.


1st Place:  One Thing Straight


            Developer:   Jack Livingston, Duke University

            Clinical Support: Darcy Cooper, PT, Durham, NC

            Platform:   iOS    

            Description:  One Thing Straight was developed as a posture coach for individuals with Parkinson’s                  Disease. The user’s posture is determined via a wearable sensor. This sensor wirelessly sends data                  to the user’s mobile device, if a bad posture is determined, a discrete notification is sent to the user                  indicating for them to correct their posture.

             Additional Information:  1TS was developed in partnership with the Duke Institute for Health                             Innovation, Duke University, Durham, NC and based on prior work done by Duke University students                 Katherine Lee, Zoe Roecker, and Alex Kanaris.


2nd Place:  Loro

LoroCameraImage (002).JPG

            Developers: David Hojah, Harvard University,  Krithika Swaminathan, Harvard University,

            Frank (Yiran) Gao, Northeastern University, Johae Song, Harvard University, Lin Zhu, Harvard University

            Vanessa Cunha, MIT-Portugal Program

            Clinical Support:  Don Fredette, The Boston Home, Boston, MA, Steve Saling, Adaptive Equipment                Specialist at ALS Residence Initiative (ALSRI), Boston, MA, Alice Ly, Associate Director of Harvard                      Innovation Labs & Program Director of Life Sciences & Healthcare,  Harvard University, Cambridge,                    MA,  Dexter Ang, CEO of Pison, Boston, MA

            Platform:  Windows, iOS, Android

            Description:   Loro aims to aid individuals in wheelchairs, specifically those with ALS, via software                      that  allows the user to control a mounted smart companion robot via a joystick, eye-tracking, a                          head- mouse, or direct selection. In its current iteration, Loro utilizes a 360 camera and a user-friendly              interface to aid users in navigation and social interaction. Loro hopes to decrease physical barriers,                  social exclusion, and health / safety concerns for their users.

            Additional Information: Checkout Loro in action with this promotional video from the student                            developers - or at their website -


3rd Place:  ARSpaceDraw


            Developer:  Lucy Zhang, Duke University

            Clinical Support:  Linda Cates, PT, Duke University;  Laura Juel, OT, Duke University

            Platform:   iOS

            Description:  ARSpaceDraw utilizes augmented reality to promote and encourage exercise through                  gamification. Users virtually place targets in their environment and collect points based on hitting the                targets. The faster the target is hit, the more points received.


Honorable Mention:  My Cherished Memories


            Developer:  Robert Mwaniki, North Carolina A&T State University, Greensboro, NC

            Clinical Support:  Kristine Lundgren, Sc.D., CCC-SLP, UNCG, Greensboro, NC;  Chris Doss, PhD, North              Carolina A&T State University, Greensboro, NC

            Platform:  iOS, Android, Website

            Description: My Cherished Memories is a multi-platform application designed for suffers of dementia.              The application helps users organize their cherished memories to share with loved ones. A user can                make a video recording of a past memory, then let the application save, organize, and share with                      people one cherishes. My Cherished Memories utilizes artificial intelligence to organize memories in                a meaningful way for both the user and loved ones.

            Additional Information:   Learn more about My Cherished Memories at